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Posted by L V Thatch Nov, 14 , 21

What is BODMAS rule ?

The rule or order that we use to simplify expressions in math is called "BODMAS" rule. Very simply way to remember BODMAS rule!      B -----> Brackets      O -----> Of (orders :Powers and radicals)      D -----> Division      M -----> Multiplication      A -----> Addition      S -----> Subtraction Important Notes : 1. In...

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Posted by L V Thatch Nov, 14 , 21


When two or more sets are combined together to form another set under some given conditions, then operations on sets are carried out. The important operations on sets are.  1. Union 2. Intersection 3. Set difference 4. Symmetric difference 5. Complement 6. Disjoint sets Let us discuss the above operations in...

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Posted by L V Thatch Nov, 04 , 21

Addition Table

The term “Arithmetic addition” is used to describe adding two or more numbers together to form the addition table and the math symbols used to denote an addition operation is a plus sign. That is “ + “. For example 4 + 4. The word “sum” also defines the same addition operation...

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Posted by L V Thatch Nov, 03 , 21

Rational Numbers

In Maths, a rational number is a type of real numbers, which is in the form of p/q where q is not equal to zero. Any fraction with non-zero denominators is a rational number. Some of the examples of rational number are 1/2, 1/5, 3/4, and so on. The number “0” is also a rational...

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Posted by L V Thatch Oct, 22 , 21

Concept of powers (exponents)

A power contains two parts exponent and base. We know 2 × 2 × 2 × 2 = 24, where 2 is called the base and 4 is called the power or exponent or index of 2. Reading Exponents Examples on evaluating powers (exponents): 1. Evaluate each expression: (i) 54.Solution:54= 5...

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Posted by L V Thatch Oct, 12 , 21


Addition is ... ... bringing two or more numbers (or things) together to make a new total. Here 1 ball is addedto 1 ballto make 2 balls:   Using Numerals it is:      1 + 1 = 2 And in words it is:   "One plus one equals two"...

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